Asset Optimization

Remote Dispatch Services for Distributed Energy Resources

ENE provides remote dispatch services for distributed energy resources across a fleet of asset types in New England. Be it for batteries or combustion engines, permanent or temporary installations, our dispatch service and peak load-shaving capabilities provide value by helping clients reduce their Transmission and Capacity costs. We’ve provided remote dispatch service for the past 5 years and have reduced load during the Capacity peak for each of those years. We have the ability to use either our in-house, scalable software platform or an asset-specific control package to remotely dispatch a growing fleet of resources, regardless of fuel-type or asset class. Our Dispatch Team has over 30 years of industry experience and is staffed to handle peak-shaving duties seven days a week so that clients can maximize the return on their behind-the-meter assets without additional staffing.

ENE’s Peak Shaving Service

The battery is charged during the day with solar power. It can then be strategically discharged later when demand and prices are higher. This peak shaving scenario reduces the stress on the regional electrical system. During these peak times, more generators are called into service to meet the higher load. By dispatching the battery, we can reduce the amount of energy needed by those plants, thereby reducing additional pollution.

Our Valued Clients Include