Helping end users understand and manage their costs.

Distributed Energy Resource Support & Management

The energy market is decentralizing, with distributed generation like solar arrays and reciprocating engines, energy storage, and peak load management providing more ways than ever to manage costs while increasing resiliency at the residential, commercial, and utility level.

ENE helps design and implement end user peak shaving programs for utilities, providing predictive analytics and load shed alerts, providing end users greater information to understand what drives their costs and empowering them to manage those costs. This includes participation in ISO NE demand response (DR) programs as well as voluntary programs outside of the DR market.

Our comprehensive services range from managing RFP processes for solar resources as well as peak shaving distributed generation and energy storage to helping evaluate and negotiate PPAs for utility scale solar arrays at the distribution level, to remote monitoring and dispatch of those distributed resources. Our market activity helps ensure that both behind the meter and in front of the meter opportunities are prioritized and optimized.

  • Peak Load Shed Alert program implementation
  • Distributed generation – monitoring, peak window prediction, remote dispatch
  • Energy storage – balance limited energy resources for peak shaving and in-market activity as Alternative Technology Regulation Resource
  • Manage RFPs for distributed resource deployment – ownership, PPA, shared savings

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