Norwood Municipal Light Department


Norwood Municipal Light Department (NMLD) provides electric service to over 15,000 business and residential customers in the Town of Norwood. NMLD takes a great deal of pride in offering exemplary service by offering rates that are the envy of its neighbors, and oftentimes resolving outages in a fraction of the time that nearby towns experience.

Energy Saving Rebates and Programs

Home Energy Assessment Free  
Refrigerator (disposal of old appliance req’d) $75  
Washing Machine $50  
Dehumidifier $25  
Electric or Heat Pump Water Heater $500  
Central AC $50  
Ducted, Central, or Multi-split Air Source Heat Pump $500/per outdoor unit  
Single-zone Mini-split Heat Pump $500/per outdoor unit  
Thermostat, Programmable $25  
Thermostat, Smart/Wi-Fi $25  
Weatherization: Air Sealing and/or Insulation $500  
Residential Uncontrolled Electric Water Heater Program $4 bill credit per month  
Residential Controlled Electric Water Heater Program Billed at lower off-peak rate  
Commercial/Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program   50% up to specified limit for customer group

*Additional $25 for Norwood Light Broadband Customers


NMLD is pleased to offer its customer rebates on selected energy efficient ENERGY STAR refrigerators, washing machines, dehumidifiers, electric or heat pump water heaters, programmable thermostats, and Smart/Wi-Fi thermostats. The Department of Energy (DOE) has verified that ENERGY STAR appliances are significantly more energy efficient than comparable models. Apply online for fastest processing via our rebate portal. To request a paper or email application, please email or by send a self-addressed envelope to 5 Hampshire St., Ste. 100, Mansfield, MA, 02048.


NMLD is pleased to offer customer rebates on qualified ducted or ductless air source heat pumps and central A/C systems. Apply online for fastest processing. 

Central heat pump, multi-split system or Dcuted mini-split systems, SEER 16+, HSPF 10.6+: $500/outdoor unit

Single-zone mini-split, SEER 18+, HSPF 10+: $500 per outdoor unit

Central AC, SEER 16.5+: $50:


NMLD is pleased to offer customer rebates on qualified air sealing and insulation projects for the home. Accountholders need to complete a home energy assessment to be eligible for this rebate. Schedule an assessment by visiting the sign-up page or call Energy New England at 888-772-4242. Applications are available at our offices located at 136 Access Road or download the NMLD Weatherization ApplicationPlease read the application’s eligibility requirements and instructions carefully. 


Energy New England (ENE) provides conservation services for the residential customers of its partnering utilities. ENE’s highly trained and experienced Residential Energy Advisors can examine your home and identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities to be more efficient and save money on your utility bills.

To schedule your Home Energy Assessment, either SIGNUP via our online intake form, call 888-772-4242 or email us at


The Residential Uncontrolled Water Heater Program is for NMLD customers who have electric water heaters that are metered through their regular electric meter. These customers are able to have a switch installed on their electric hot water tank (at no cost) that allows the town to control their water heater during the town’s peak electric usage hours. The switches are installed by the NMLD licensed electrician and remotely controlled by NMLD at its Central Street office. Participating customers receive a credit of $4 dollars per month ($48 per year) on their electric bill. Please call the NMLD billing office at 781-948-1150 if you would like to sign up for this program.


The Residential Controlled Water Heater Program is designed for customers who have a separate electric meter for their electric water heater. The electric hot water heater is now directly controlled by NMLD rather than by time clocks as it previously was. This method allows NMLD to shut off electric water heaters during the town’s peak demand periods. Participating customers are billed at a lower off-peak rate for allowing NMLD to control their electric water heaters. Previously, the water heaters were shut-off for a period of 4 to 6 hours per day by time clocks. Under the new system, the hot water heaters are shut-off for less time (normally 2 to 3 hours on weekdays) and only as the town approaches its peak (usually between 11 am and 4 pm). The improved system is more convenient for the customer and allows the town to have better control of its peak demand.

Over 600 meters have been replaced. The program is monitored and maintained to ensure that the water heaters are shut-off as the town approaches its peak demand.


The Commercial/Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program is designed to help NMLD’s business customers use energy efficient lighting to meet their lighting needs. The objective of this program is to help overcome the current market barriers (primarily higher cost) for the installation of energy efficient lighting technologies. Through NMLD, The Town of Norwood assists businesses in determining the most effective way to accomplish the goal of this program. NMLD will contribute a maximum of 50% of a project’s cost, provided the grant is less than the specified maximum amount for the group the project falls within. In other words, if the total project cost is $12,000, then NMLD will grant a maximum of $6,000. If the total project cost is $50,000, then NMLD’s grant will not exceed $15,000.

NMLD is pleased to continue its Commercial/Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program. By participating in this program NMLD’s commercial customers will not only be reducing their own electric bills, but they will also be assisting the Town of Norwood and its Electric Department in its goals of conserving energy and saving money.

This program has been divided into four groups: municipal, small commercial, medium commercial, and large commercial/industrial. The Town of Norwood will contribute a percentage (maximum of 50%) of the project cost, or up to the certain specified maximum depending upon the size and grouping of the customer. The breakdown is as follows:

Group # Group Name Customer Size NLD Max Contribution
Group 1 Municipal All sizes $15,000
Group 2 Small Commercial < 100 KVA $4,000
Group 3 Medium Commercial 100 < 500 KVA $9000
Group 4 Large Commercial/ Industrial > 500 KVA $15,000


Lighting Retrofit Application

NMLD would like to see all of its business customers take advantage of this worthwhile program in order to reduce their energy demand and electric bills. However, budgetary limitations only allow a certain number of projects to be undertaken this year. Proposals will be judged according to which projects provide the greatest kilowatt reduction during peak periods per cost of the project (NMLD’s contribution). Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. NMLD will determine whether it deems a project worthwhile. Determination as to whether a project is worthwhile is final and not subject to review. All work done must be completed and inspected to qualify for this program.

NMLD hopes this program will continue for several years and would like all of its business customers to participate in it.  Many customers may be surprised to find that up to 33% of their electrical consumption is from lighting. Customers can realize substantial and ongoing savings by retrofitting existing lighting. Any further questions concerning this program can be directed to Daniel Morrissey at 781-948-1131 or

Lighting Retrofit Application