ENE Provides Direct Support for Participation in ISO New England

Regulatory & Market Affairs

The ENE Regulatory & Markets Affairs function provides a broad array of services that support its customers’ participation in the New England markets. Principally the service provides direct representation and advocacy, with and amongst key regional stakeholders in the NEPOOL stakeholder process, in furtherance of ENE customers’ goals and business objectives. The service provides direct support for participation in the ISO New England markets through interpretation and application of ISO New England tariff and governing documents, and coordination and leadership in resolving issues related to participation in the New England markets through structured interactions with ISO New England and related entities.

In achieving customers’ goals and objectives ENE Regulatory & Markets Affairs leverages its organizational reputation, extensive experience, and key regional relationships to facilitate effective representation in the NEPOOL stakeholder process, with ISO-NE staff and Board Of Directors, and with key regional stakeholders.

ENE Regulatory & Market Affairs staff actively develop and maintain key relationships that support, ENE’s customers through direct access to policy markers across ISO-NE, NEPOOL, New England States Committee On Energy (NESCOE), New England Power Generators (NEPGA), and all sector leaders within the NEPOOL voting process.  These dynamics allow ENE to be the principal advocate for its customers in influencing outcomes in the market design space and at FERC where ENE routinely intervenes on matters of interests to its customers.

ENE’s SVP Regulatory & Market Affairs currently serves a Chair of the NEPOOL Participants Committee and the Publicly Owned Entity Sector Vice-Chair.

ENE Senior Vice President David Cavanaugh Serves as Chairman of the NEPOOL Participants Committee

President and CEO John G. Tzimorangas of ENE remarked, “This is very well deserved, as David has been a tremendous asset to ENE and its clients and does a wonderful job representing them in all regulatory matters. His experience, knowledge and understand of the State, Regional and Federal regulatory matters is a significant advantage for those he represents. We were very pleased to have David come back to ENE, and in the past three years he has risen to the Vice Chair and now the Chairman’s position within NEPOOL and this shows the confidence and trust ENE’s customers, and other regional stakeholders have in his ability to lead.”
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