ENE Will Guide You In Securing The Best kWh Pricing For Your Unique Operations And Risk Tolerance.
Utilizing years of energy buying experience coupled with a unique blend of market information Energy New England (ENE) works with a broad range of suppliers to provide clients assistance in securing the most favorable pricing, contract terms and green sourcing for their unique operations.

ENE will consult with you on which sources, terms and pricing options best meet your unique operating, risk tolerance and budget considerations. This includes reviewing your load profile, usage trends, and historical costs.

Depending on the individual aspects of your specific business, we will advise you on buying short or long-term; review your history against fixed and variable options; and discuss other issues that can produce kWh savings and favorably impact your budget.

We have helped clients achieve significant kWh cost reduction, saving customers millions of dollars in aggregate. We will also advise on how to avoid common traps in procurement — like contracting at a price that appears to be very low but excludes certain market charges which can add up to an additional 30% to your actual invoiced cost of electricity. Through our relationships with top energy suppliers, we often help clients find “green” kWh supply for less than Standard Offer / Basic Service rates, and less than other offers in the competitive energy procurement market.

ENE brings proven expertise across a spectrum of accounts to help you save on kWh

ENE has provided procurement support for a range of industries, including clients in the healthcare, education, manufacturing, non-profit, commercial, grocery, food preparation, agriculture and municipal sectors.

ENE’s procurement expertise helps businesses, government entities and organizations:

  • Manage competitive bidding processes (RFPs) tailored to specific client needs
  • Provide multiple supply offers and options
  • Meet price targets and deliver price certainty
  • Evaluate the value of variable pricing based on your profile and risk tolerance
  • Evaluate structured purchases such as purchasing base load and peaking provisions

Procuring energy can be confusing, complex, and costly — let ENE make it less so. Contact ENE today to learn how much you can save on your electric bills.

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