ENE Enables Efficient Participation in Both the Commodity and ISO Markets

Settlement Services

ENE enables efficient participation in both the commodity and ISO markets for its customers. Our support services range from transaction tie out and verification of counterparty invoice amounts to our turnkey settlement service where we maintain customer deposit account funds and perform the essential and ever-more-frequent ISO settlement function directly for the customer.

ENE performs twice weekly ISO shadow settlement and supports customer accounting and energy staff with their internal settlement requirements. We distill the growing list of ISO charges and credits into a form that supports understanding of new or changing market charges and helps reduce budget surprises.

We also support generators who balance ISO market participation and purchased power agreement billing for transactions with individual or public power purchasing groups.

Select ENE settlement services include:

  • ISO Financial Assurance Policy monitoring
  • ISO invoice shadow settlement
  • Counterparty tie out and verification
  • ISO and counterparty settlement
  • PPA invoicing support

Our Valued Clients Include