Wind Projects

ENE has worked with 18 public power entities across New England to bring wind energy to their customers.  In this case study we will highlight 3 wind projects in Maine that can collectively produce 77 MW of power using 30 turbines.  Other highlights include:

  • 230M kWh of clean, renewable energy each year . . . enough to power 40,000 homes!
  • CO2 reduction of 196 million pounds every year
        • equivalent to 7 million gallons of gasoline each year for the next 15-20 years!

    All without a rate increase to a single customer!

ENE’s role has included:

  • Integrate wind resources into wholesale and retail power portfolios
  • Negotiate innovative, win-win transaction and PPA structures with developer
  • Provide ISO energy management services for wind project – energy bidding, capacity market participation
  • Work with public power entities to develop voluntary green energy programs
  • Market excess Renewable Energy Credits throughout New England

patriotrenewables“Developing wind power projects in New England is challenging, and finding buyers for the power is a critical milestone in that challenging process.  For three of our commercial projects, we have worked with Energy New England to facilitate power sales with municipal utilities; and frankly we couldn’t have done it without them.  They are tough negotiators, but also fair, creative and straightforward, and I have the utmost respect for their professionalism.  I hope we can continue to work together on future projects.  –  Jay Cashman, Chairman – Patriot Renewables, LLC”


Project Fact Sheets

Saddleback Ridge
Spruce Mountain
Canton Mountain

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