2023 Subaru Solterra EV (AWD) charging at Clay Subaru, Norwood, MA

Clay Subaru recently completed installation of an electric vehicle charging station at their dealership. The station is open to the public during business hours and on Sundays at cost to charge as low as just $1.50 a “gallon” equivalent of driving. Norwood Light’s electric vehicle program, Norwood Drives Electric provided by Energy New England supported Clay Subaru along the commercial charging station project journey.

Clay Subaru received advisory support on the funding options available to them through MassEVIP (Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program), and through Norwood Light’s commercial EV charging rebate of up to $6,000. The next step was for Clay Subaru to receive pre-approval letters from both programs so the installation could commence.

Norwood Drives Electric advisors then guided the dealership through all required documentation and assisted with any questions they had when completing their NMLD rebate application. The program also provided advice on rate structuring and assisted in aligning it with Norwood Light’s Bring-Your-Own-Charger (BYOC) program to encourage non-peak usage. The station is currently priced at $5 per charging session. This means for a typical 4-hour charging session the cost of energy is equivalent to paying a little more than a dollar a gallon.

To help ensure the vehicle spaces are used appropriately only for charging vehicles than just vehicle parking, Norwood Drives Electric worked with Clay Subaru to create and install custom signage for the spaces at the stations specifying they were for EV charging only. Wayfinding signs were also added near the parking lot entrance to help drivers more easily find the stations upon arriving at the dealership.

EVSE Consultant & Development – Brian Kesselman
Insight Distributed Energy LLC
(617) 797-6535

Installer/ Contractor – Edward Mourad
Mourad and Sons Construction & Electric, Inc.
76 Production Road
Walpole, MA  02081
Phone: 508-660-9010
Fax: 508-660-9013


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