Recently, I had the chance to attend Fully Charged Live – an event where all the latest EV tech is discussed and unveiled. Fully Charged is a YouTube channel, podcast, website, and live event focusing on electric vehicles and renewable energy founded by writer, broadcaster and actor Robert Llewellyn. It was started back in 2010 and now has almost 1 million subscribers and events around the world. With fascinating new EVs being unveiled, and many notable faces in attendance, the Fully Charged Live San Diego experience was guaranteed to be a very exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity.

When I got to San Diego I found and downloaded the Ride Circuit app which is a free rideshare service (thanks to sponsor generosity!) that takes you around the city in a fully electric GEM low speed car. They have locations across the US and have service in Boston and Plymouth (and are looking to expand to your city soon!). When I arrived at the San Diego Convention Center, the line was very long but filled with eager people to get inside. There were already three different companies outside setup for test drives, including Arcimoto and Electra-Meccenica Solo (two different type of 3 wheeled EV that don’t require a motorcycle license) and the Livewire electric motorcycle which was previously operated under the Harley Davidson name.

Once inside there was many different vendors/manufacturers, from electric vehicles to charging. There was a huge crowd at the Aptera booth (a brand producing solar powered EVs) as they were unveiling their latest prototype. One of the founders as well as EV celeb Sandy Monroe was there for the unveiling. After that there was nonstop talks at both of the “theaters” which were stages.

In the middle of the expo, there was a small circle course where you could test out different e-bikes and Onewheels. I was able to see the new Fisker Ocean EV and Henrik Fisker the founder was there. Many other Ebikes, EV motorcycle an even electric construction equipment was there. Vinfast (a Vietnamese car maker that is going to make EVs in North Carolina) was there in a big booth. Also in attendance, was a company called EV-LC who help educate people and train people on how EVs work and convert old cars to electric.

For the charging side of things, Electrify America was a big sponsor and had a big presence. Other familiar faces included WallBox, Webasto, Iotecha, alongside some new companies including Orange (a smart 120v outlet or 240v outlet for MUDs). For the software side, there was new companies Blue Dot, Chargenet, Chargeway (a unique free app to find charging stations), and TCS (Tata Consulting Solutions).

Seeing and talking in person to many Youtubers that are in the EV space was fascinating. Not only were they very insightful, but they were all incredibly nice which is what the EV community is all about. There was so much to see and people to talk to I needed two full days to see it all. Overall, I had the time of my life and it was very hard to come back to Massachusetts. Learn more about Fully Charged:

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